No more compromising on outdoor training...

What was previously unthinkable is now a reality: an alternative to indoor gyms - professional fitness spaces.

A special feature of our machines is the combination of perfect biomechanics with a comfortable and safe adjustable weight system, so the user can easily change the weight of the workout by simply moving the weights from side to side. The machines are highly weatherproof and the solutions used in the production process protect the machines from theft and vandals. Our machines are designed for professional athletes and enthusiasts with a sporting background and the motivation to train outdoors. Even professional bodybuilding is possible with our trainers.

Street Barbell outdoor gym is more than just a gym. They are places where you can work out, find like-minded people and have just a good time.

Street Barbell attracts the attention of young and middle-aged people with active lifestyles. Our outdoor fitness equipment is highly appreciated by professionals. This is a big incentive for us.

We offer such series: SB Standard Line, SB Light Line, SB Plus Line (handicapped accessible), SB Cardio Line, SB Gymnastic Line, SB Boxing Line.

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