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StreetBarbell+ equipment are a new direction of development of the StreetBarbell line of street fitness equipment with variable load. They are specially designed to meet the needs of people using a wheelchair. The trainers belong to the training ones and thanks to the use of a patented load changing system, they allow you to effectively increase and build muscle strength and volume. The line includes 9 unique trainers for all muscle groups of the upper part of the human body, back muscles and abs. A two-level load system installed on each of the two separate levers allows you to change the load in 1.25 kg. The peculiarity of these trainers is that they are equipped with a non-removable folding seat that allows you to train comfortably, regardless of whether athletes use a wheelchair or move without help. At the same time, the equipments are not rehabilitation or medical, as they are designed for exercise training, and not for medical purposes. In this regard, equal conditions for training of all athletes, including those using a wheelchair, are created on the outdoor sports ground equipped with StreetBarbell+ equipment.

We are offering a new technology for painting of our equipment by Thermoplastic. It possesses chemical resistance and a durable coating that protects the metal from corrosion and mechanical wear, as well as offers a wide range of color options.

SB Plus Line

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